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Amarc celebrate on october 16 2010 the world food day

The 2010 day theme: United against hunger

1 billion people suffer from hunger, and this year’s theme of world food day 2010 focus fight this scourge at all levels, locally, nationally and internationally. In partnership with the FAO, AMARC calls all the community radios members of our network to produce and broadcast programs on their communities on October 16, 2010 and share them with all the AMARC network via our website on this campaign against hunger.Let the world know, what your community thinks about this important issue and let all member of AMARC Unite against Hunger.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 first recognized the right to food as a human right. It was then incorporated in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Article 11) adopted in 1966 and ratified by 156 states, which are today legally bound by its provisions. The expert interpretation and more refined definition of this right are contained in General Comment 12 of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1999). The Voluntary Guidelines to Support the Progressive Realization of the Right to Adequate Food in the Context of National Food Security – the Right to Food Guidelines – were adopted by the FAO Council in 2004 and provide practical recommendations on concrete steps for the implementation of the right to food.

World Food day 2010 Spot

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[image]Harvesting Water to Save Crops and Lives

NAIROBI, Sep 10, 2010 (IPS) - Peter Kivuti, a 51-year-old farmer from Eastern Kenya, never relied on meteorological weather predictions all his life - until three years ago. It was then that rainfall in the region become less predictable.

Like other farmers from Rwanguondu village, Kivuti trusted the traditional methods of weather prediction, which had been used by his forefathers for ages.

"Since I was a small boy, I knew that it was going to rain heavily on March 25, every year. This meant that all farms had to be prepared with everything necessary by March 23, in readiness for planting on March 26," said Kivuti. read more


[image]Uganda Could Become Regional Rice Exporter say Researchers

KAMPALA, Sep 2, 2010 (IPS) - In a small garden at the Entebbe Botanical garden, about 40 kilometres from Kampala, a few yellowish plants are trying to adapt to their new environment.

John Mulumba Waswa a plant breeder and head of the National Generic Centre at Entebbe says these are species of wild rice varieties collected from Uganda’s forests and they are currently being replicated. Afterwards the genes will be extracted to form a new variety of rice. read more


[image]925 million in chronic hunger worldwide though improved, global hunger level “unacceptable”

14 September 2010, Rome - FAO and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today said that the number of hungry people in the world remains unacceptably high despite expected recent gains that have pushed the figure below 1 billion.

The new estimate of the number of people who will suffer chronic hunger this year is 925 million — 98 million down from 1.023 billion in 2009. read more


[image]925 millions de personnes victimes de faim chronique dans le monde malgré une amélioration, ce niveau demeure “inacceptable”

14 septembre 2010, Rome - La FAO et le Programme alimentaire mondial des Nations Unies (PAM) ont indiqué aujourd'hui qu'en dépit de l'amélioration récente et attendue qui a permis de retomber sous le cap du milliard, le nombre d'affamés dans le monde demeure inacceptable.

D'après les nouvelles estimations, 925 millions de personnes continueront à souffrir de faim chronique cette année, soit un recul de 98 millions par rapport au 1,023 milliard de 2009. Lire plus


[image]925 millones de personas sufren hambre crónica en el mundo a pesar de los avances, el hambre a nivel mundial es “inaceptable”

14 de septiembre de 2010, Roma - La FAO y el Programa Mundial de Alimentos de la ONU (PMA) anunciaron hoy que el número de personas que sufren hambre en el mundo es inaceptablemente alto, a pesar de los recientes avances esperados, que han situado esa cifra por debajo de los mil millones.

La nueva estimación sobre el número de personas que sufrirán hambre crónica este año es de 925 millones: 98 millones menos respecto a los 1 023 millones calculados en 2009. Ler más


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Informe especial: Vía Campesina presenta modelo de soberanía alimentaria.
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/16233_1.mp3 ?p=download_explica
[image] 4,70 Mo - 10 min. 16 sec. Mp3 por: Lenguas largas


Informe especial: Monsanto, una amenaza para América Latina.
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/15783_1.mp3 ?p=download_explica
[image] 4,29 Mo - 9 min. 23 sec. Mp3 por: Lenguas largas



Message Promotionnel pour la journée mondiale de l’alimentation 2010
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/FAO-WFD-PSA-2010-fr.mp3 ?p=download_explica
[image] Mp3 - 0,95Mo - 30sec. Par: FAO

Promo World Food Day 2010
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/FAO-WFD-PSA-2010-en.mp3 ?p=download_explica
[image] Mp3 - 0,95Mo - 30sec. By: FAO

Mensaje promocional del Día Mundial de la Alimentación
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/FAO-WFD-PSA-2010-es.mp3 ?p=download_explica
[image] Mp3 - 0,95Mo - 30sec. Por: FAO

Celebrities voices can make a difference in the fight against hunger Music folder for free use in radio programmes around World Food Day, 16 October 2010:

Available for download in MP3 Stereo @ 192Kb/s, one minute-selections from copyright free-songs donated to FAO by Goodwill Ambassadors: Anggun, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dionne Warwick, John Williams, Mory Kante, Noa, and ...to name but a few.

Les voix des célébrités peuvent faire la différence dans le combat contre la faim Fichier musical pour utilisation libre de tous droits par les programmes radiophoniques dans le cadre de la Journée mondiale de l'alimentation, le 16 octobre 2010:

Disponible pour téléchargement MP3 Stéréo 192Kb/s, une sélection de chansons dont les droits ont été cédés à la FAO par les Ambassadeurs de bonne volonté suivants: Anggun, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dionne Warwick, John Williams, Mory Kante, Noa ... pour ne citer que quelques uns.

La voz de las celebridades puede marcar una diferencia en la lucha contra el hambre Carpeta de música para empleo libre(gratis) en programas radiofónicos alrededor de Día Mundial De alimentos, el 16 de octubre de 2010:

Disponible para descargado en MP3 Estéreo 192Kb/s, una selecciones de minuto de canciones libres de derechos de autor donadas a FAO por Embajadores de Buena voluntad: Anggun, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dionne Warwick, John Williams, Mory Kante, Noa, y ... para llamar pero unos cuantos.

mp3 Thanks to FAO


Sajha Nepal
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/Sajha_Nepal.mp3 ?p=download_explica
Nepali Mp3 - 27,3Mo - 29min.51sec.


Mahila Jagaran
Summary: The programme has been prepared on the occasion on the World Food Day, to create awareness on the right use of food and how climate change, rapid urbanization and lack of proper agricultural policies of the government is affecting food supply.
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/Mahila_Jagaran.mp3 ?p=download_explica
Nepali Mp3 - 41,2Mo - 1h.00min.02sec. By: Environment Cycle Radio (ECR FM 104.2 MHz)


Interview with Isabella, NGO worker in Indonesia from Spain
Summary: Noor Chassanah interviews Isabella about the significance of World Food Day and why it should be celebrated. They talk about the importance of food and why food security is so important and a challenge for the governments of under developed and developing countries.
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/Interview_CR_Suara_Warga_with_Isabel.mp3 ?p=download_explica
[image] Mp3 - 17,6Mo - 15min.26sec. By: Community Radio Suara Warga FM


Bhog Mari Biruddha (Fight against Hunger)

Part 1
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/bhok_mari_birudha_067-6-22-final_1.mp3 ?p=download_explica
Nepali - Mp3 - 8,21Mo - 8min.50sec. By: Radio Namobuddha

Part 2
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/bhok_mari-birudha_067-6-22-final_2.mp3 ?p=download_explica
Nepali - Mp3 - 5,28Mo - 5min.46sec. By: Radio Namobuddha

Part 3
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/bhok_mari-birudha_067-6-22_final_3.mp3 ?p=download_explica
Nepali - Mp3 - 9,29Mo - 10min.09sec. By: Radio Namobuddha

Part 4
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/bhok_mari_birudha_067-6-22_final_4.mp3 ?p=download_explica
Nepali - Mp3 - 6,52Mo - 7min.07sec. By: Radio Namobuddha


Hamar Khadhyanna
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/Hamar_khadhyanna.mp3 ?p=download_explica
Mp3 - 17,2Mo - 18min.50sec.


Food Security: women perspective.
Women are too often marginalised in their own families and their communities and has lesser access to and control of the resources than men. Hence, the women who comprises about 40% of the world's agricultural labour, are the first and the hardest hit by the Food Insecurity. In the patriarchal Nepali society, the scenario is even worse. The imbalance between what women do and what they have is more due to the male dominance in the society. Senior Program Officer of Swiss Government Development Corporation, Ms. Yamuna Ghale talks with Radio Sagarmatha regarding the status of Nepali women in the context of Food Security. Consumer Right Activist Mr. Jyoti Baniya joins in to shed light on what could be done to improve the situation for Nepali women.
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/Hamro_Sarokar_2010-10-10.mp3 ?p=download_explica
Nepali - Mp3 - 37,3Mo - 27min.12sec. By: Radio Sagarmatha


Action against hunger: Climate change and other causes
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/RADIO_APAC_FEATURE_ON_ACTION_AGANIST_HUNGER.MP3 ?p=download_explica
[image] Mp3 - 13,3Mo - 13min.30sec. By: Joshua Okwan - Radio APAC


Les causes de la faim en Côte d'Ivoire
http://podcast.amarc.org/WFD/WFD2010/Radio_paix_faim_chez_nous.mp3 ?p=download_explica
[image] Mp3 - 6,83Mo - 7min. 28sec. By: Jean kako - Radio Paix Sanwi