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AMARC AFRICA’S Fourth Pan African Conference IVORY COAST April 27 - 30, 2009.

Increasing Effectiveness of Community Radio in Poverty Reduction, Good Governance and Climate Change Adaptation.

AMARC's 4th Pan African Conference was held in Ivory Coast from April 27-30, 2009.
The host member organisation was the Union des radios de proximité de la Côte d'Ivoire (URCPI).

Every four years AMARC Africa organises a Pan-African conference for its members and community radio stakeholders to discuss the challenges of community radio in Africa. It is during the Pan-African conferences that AMARC Africa members elect the Board of Directors as well as decide on the strategic plan for action for the following four years.

This is the second time that the Pan-African conference was held in West Africa. Previous Pan-African Conferences were held in Johannesburg (South Africa) in 1997, Dakar (Senegal) in 2001 and Nairobi (Kenya) in 2005.

Côte d’Ivoire was selected to host the Pan-African on the basis of (a) the quality of the presentation of its documentation; (b) the fact the bid was presented by a Federation (c) the federation has the support of the radios. (d) the federation has support and approval from the government; (e) that the challenges of CR in Côte d’Ivoire are very important for AMARC Africa as they resonate with the rebuilding of AMARC Africa (f) That the selection allows for geographic balance with other Pan African Conferences.

N’sa Hotel, Abidjan, April 27-30, 2009

Organised by AMARC Africa

Host Organisation : Union des radios de proximité de la Côte d'Ivoire URPCI

African Board of Directors


From left to the right:
Benilde Nhalevilo; Women Representative from Eastern and Southern Africa (FORCOM) Mozambique
Kofy Larweh; Training officer, (GCRN) Ghana
Zara Yacoub; Institutional development, (DJA FM) Tchad
Franklin Huizies; Vice-president from Eastern and Southern Africa (NCRF) South Africa
Karamoko Bamba; Treasurer, (URPCI) Côte d'ivoire
Oumar Seck Ndiaye; President and vice president for west and central Africa, (URAC) Sénégal
Habby Diallo; Women representative from west and central Africa, (Radio Bélékan), Mali
Jimmy Okello; ICT officer, (Radio APAC), Uganda



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Day 1. 27 April 2009

Official Inauguration of the Conference.

Chair: Jean Pierre Ilboudo, UNESCO
Karamoko Bamba, URPCI, Host of the Conference

Oumar Seck Ndiaye, AA Board, lecture of Grace Ghitaiga report:

Hibrahim Sy Savane, Communications Minister Côte d'Ivoire

Plenary and discussion groups. AMARC Africa Contribution to Radio for Conflict Resolution and Good Governance.

Chair: Emmanuel Adjovi, Organisation internationale de la Francophonie
Kadidia Lebron, Operations of UN in Côte d'ivoire, ONUCI
Njuki Githetwa, Econews, Kenya
Emmanuel Johnson, ALICOR, Liberia
John Masuku, Radio Voice of the People, Zimbabwe

Parallel Activity : Women International Network Assembly (From 27 to 29 April)

Zara Yacoub, DJA FM, Chad
Margaret Sentamu, Mama FM., Uganda

Plenary and Discussion Groups : AMARC Africa Strategies for CR Recognition and development.

Chair: Diane Senghor, Panos West Africa
Akin Akingbulu, IMESO, Nigeria
Wilna Quarmyne, Ghana Community Radio Network, Ghana
Franklin Huizies, NCRF, South Africa
Oumar Seck Ndiaye, URAC, Sénegal

AMARC Africa General Assembly. Constitution.

Day 2. 28 April 2009

Plenary and discussion groups : Climate Change and Communication Rights : Challenges to Community Radio.

Chair: Liliane Kambirigi, FAO
Myriam Menkiti, Women Information Network, Nigeria
Patricia Hanou Adjiseku, Togo
Blane Harvey, Africa Adapt, UK
Oumy Cantome Sarr, Radio Manoore FM, Senegal
Joseph Sekiku, Fadeco CR, Tanzanie

Plenary and discussions group : Community Radio Content for Development & Gender Equality Strategies.

Chair: Elizabeth Robinson, Executive Committee of AMARC
Zara Yacoub, WIN West and Central Africa
Margareth Sentamu, Mama Fm, Uganda, Est Africa representative
Benilde Nhalilo, FORCAM, Mozambique

AMARC Africa General Assembly. Reports and Action Plan.

Day 3. 29 April 2009.

Increasing the sustainability and effectiveness of Community radios through better Programming and Increased Participation.

Training for trainers’ & Knowledge Sharing Workshops. Most Participants invited on the basis of their participation in the workshops.


PanAfrican 2009 programme and workshops

1. Training for trainers on script drafting

2. Training for trainers on evaluating the social impact of community radio.

3. Workshop on Knowledge Sharing on Reinforcing Country Community radio Networks.

4. Knowledge sharing workshop on reinforcing CR social impact in covering HIV-AIDS and other healt issues.

5.Knowledge Exchange on Information exchange and a sustainable Simbani News Agency.

6.Training for trainers on climate change adaptation and mitigation challenges. The role of Community Radio.

AMARC Africa General Assembly.

Action Plan & Resolutions.

Day 4. 30 April 2009

AMARC Africa General Assembly. Action Plan & Resolutions.

The AMARC Africa Strategic Plan of Action;

Elections of the AMARC Africa Board

Abidjan Declaration

Women International Network Assembly

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The Road to the 4th Pan-African Conference

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