Help rebuild the community radio network of Nepal

Community radios are a powerful tool in disaster relief situations. They are an indispensable way to provide reliable information to vulnerable population, help the humanitarian relief and ease the fear and worries of the population in tense situations. These radios are deeply rooted in their communities and serve as a focal point for the population to get the services they deserve and need in their language. In emergency situations, community radios can help make a difference.

Engaging Community Media in Rural Development - Mapping Community Media

This survey will help AMARC, in partnership with FAO, to map the work of its affiliates, community media networks, communication practitioners, engaged in communication for rural development. This will help in identifying potential areas for improvement of the engagement of community media in sustainable rural development that will be discussed at the upcoming AMARC 11 conference in Accra, Ghana, in August 2015.

Third & Indigenous Language Communities on Air: A gathering of community broadcasters

On the eve of the opening of the annual conference of International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR/AIECS/AIERI), community media broadcasters, advocates, funders, and researchers will gather in Montreal to exchange experiences in multilingual broadcasting and community media initiatives. This public event will bring together community media allies and local practitioners with the goal of strengthening multilingual community broadcasting.