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JAPAN: AMARC calls on community broadcasters to rally in support

We appreciate your concern about earthquake and Tsunami. All members of AMARC Japan Working group and our families are safe. It is very difficult for us to connect to the affected area because phone lines are dead and electricity is down there. Only twitter and SMS are the lifeline between the affected people and us.

Radio FMYY is disseminating disaster information in several languages by both of air and internet. http://www.tcc117.org/fmyy/

In addition, we are broadcasting English Language Programming on the Earthquake and Tsunami. Please utilize the programming and you can download from the below. http://www.tcc117.org/fmyy/index.php?e=1040


Report from Yoshitomy, FMYY - Kobe Click here Spanish

Informations on the Eathquakes:



AMARC Japan is also on http://www.facebook.com/pages/AMARC-Japan-Community-Radio-Spirit/111114575636123

Donate in support of community radio in Japan:

    • For donations to community radio relief efforts in Japan Click here
    • For equipment donations contact secretariat@si.amarc.org