Tune in to the AMARC campaign for the International day of the World Indigenous Peoples

Montreal, August 6, 2012. The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) welcomes the International day of the World Indigenous Peoples, which is held every August 9th, with an international broadcast campaign. The theme of 2012, set by the General Assembly of the United Nations within the framework of the Decade for action and dignity, is : "Indigenous media: empowering the indigenous voices". To listen to our broadcast campaign, please visit our podcast webpage.

Since 1994, the International day of the World Indigenous Peoples is held every August 9th worldwide. The General Assembly of the United Nations marks this milestone to raise awareness about the serious situation in which are living more than 500 million indigenous people throughout the world and to promote the implementation by the governments of the United Nations Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples.

AMARC decided to do this broadcast campaign mainly for two reasons: first, this year theme, "Indigenous media: empowering the indigenous voices", is perfectly in line with our mission. Secondly, according to what has been decided at AMARC 10th General Assembly (AMARC 10) the different issues related to indigenous peoples and minority languages are of utmost importance for our members.

AMARC network broadcast campaign highlights that, in today's world, the defense of culture as part of one’s identity requires spaces and media, reinforcing the plurality that allows the survival of values that each community and culture lives as their own as well as their need to have access on equal terms to a community radio. To listen to our multilingual programs, please visit our podcast webpage. For further information, visit our website for the campaign. Community radios throughout the world will participate in this broadcast campaign. Radio stations around the globe are invited to download the audio files from the AMARC Indigenous People website and broadcast them in their radio.

AMARC is an international non-governmental organization serving the community radio movement and linking more than 4,000 community radios in over 130 countries. AMARC aims to support, defend and promote the interests of community broadcasters through solidarity and international cooperation.

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