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AMARC is the international non-governmental organization serving the community radio movement, with almost 4 000 members and associates in 130 countries.

AMARC's goal is to support and contribute to the development of community and participatory radio along the principals of solidarity, equal opportunities and social cohesion. All continents are represented within AMARC and its International Board.

Why should I become a member of AMARC?

  1. To join efforts in the worldwide movement for freedom of expression, communication rights and the acknowledgement of the critical role-played by community radio in sustainable development, peace-building and democracy;
  2. To obtain support and information concerning legislation, government lobbying and advocacy, financing opportunities, as well as legal support for broadcasters in danger;
  3. To join and support an international network of community radio professionals, possibilities to engage with international partners for new projects;
  4. To contribute ideas and voice concerns about the development of the community media sector, participate to AMARC events, conferences and thematic meetings;
  5. To obtain information and training about new developments in the field of community radio;
  6. To share experiences, best practices and know-hows;
  7. To participate in the information activities and dissemination platforms supported by the AMARC Global campaign fund.


How can I become a member of AMARC?

To become a member, please fill out a membership application.

AMARC has two membership categories

  REGULAR OR VOTING MEMBERS are community radio stations, federations and associations of community radio stations, production groups, and    groups working towards the establishment of community radio. They are in agreement with AMARC’s Principles and contribute to the Association’s objectives. Voting members have the right to participate in AMARC activities, to speak and vote at meetings of the General Assembly and to hold elected office.

  ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are individuals, Communitiy development associations, and groups or organisations who are in agreement with AMARC’s Principlesand contribute to the Association’s objectives. Associate members have the right to participate in AMARC’s activities. They have the right to speak at meetings of the General Assembly but cannot vote or hold elected office.


Definitions used by AMARC

A COMMUNITY RADIO STATION is a station that responds to the needs of the community, which it serves and contributes to its development in a progressive manner by promoting social change. It promotes the democratisation of communication by facilitating community participation in communication. This participation may vary according to the context in which the radio operates.

An ASSOCIATION or FEDERATION is a grouping of community radio stations that is controlled by its membership. It can be national, regional or international.

A PRODUCTION GROUP is a not-for-profit group or association with a democratic participatory structure, or an association of such groups, which operates in an area where there is no community radio station and/or, which produces community radio programs for broadcast on radio stations other than community stations or on more than one community station.

To renew your membership, please pay your annual fees.


Annual fees

  AMARC Europe, MENA and North America AMARC ALC AMARC Africa AMARC Asia
Community radios and production groups 30 $US (25 Euros) 30 $US 30 $US 30 $US
Associations or Federations 150 $US (140 Euros) 150 $US 150 $US 150 $US
Associate members 25 $US (20 Euros) 25 $US 25 $US 25 $US

NOTE: Members of the Women’s International Network (WIN) must already be members of AMARC.

Membership application to AMARC must include:

- A filled AMARC membership application form; and

- A first annual membership fees payment

For detailed payment instructions and other information, please contact the International Secretariat.

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