Launch of Climate Radio, a press agency and temporary FM radio station serving the worldwide community radio movement

AMARC launches Climate Radio, a temporary and multilingual press agency. This project wants to offer news coverage dedicated to the editorial needs of worldwide associative, community, campus and free radio stations, on the occasion of COP22, the UN conference on climate change, taking place from 7 to 18 November in Marrakech (Morocco).

Environmental discussions, climate solutions, social, economic and cultural news... Sixteen journalists from at least ten countries will be on site to produce stories, articles and broadcasts in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Amazigh (published by Creative Commons CC-BY-NC).

We want to invite your participation. The Marrakech's reports and programmes will be available to you in the site, but we also want any programme produced to highlight the impact of Climate Change before, during or after the UN Conference, as we want to offer evidence of our communities and our community radio stations’ efforts in highlighting and supporting climate and environmental struggles worldwide. We want this initiative to be a memorial to Berta Caceres, radio activist and environmentalist murdered in Honduras in March 2016.

Send us your contributions through WeTransfer at and download Climate Radio reports on

We expect Climate Radio to also become a temporary FM radio station for the city of Marrakech. The goal is to experience the first community broadcasting on Moroccan FM (subject to the granting of this license by the Moroccan media regulatory authorities).

Thanks to Climate Radio experience, AMARC and its members are increasing their presence and journalistic coverage expertise at international high level summits, always at the service of communities and their radios.

Climate Radio is coordinated by AMARC, in partnership with the FMAS, with the support of the Maghreb UNESCO office in the framework of the «Network of Mediterranean Youth» project (NET-MED Youth) funded by the European Union. The initiative is developed in partnership with the Civil Society COP22 coordinating committee.

It is not necessary to be a member of AMARC to broadcast Climate Radio productions.

Send your needs.
Does a specific topic interest you? Do you want to interview a Climate Radio journalist for your programme? Have you other needs? Radios wishing to express their needs are invited to write to Sébastien Nègre, Climate Radio coordinator, trough