Disposing of rubbish carelessly is sparking disaster: Global Warming and Climate Change


This radio production features an interview with three persons of a community in Kamal Muara village, sub district of Penjaringan, North Jakarta, in Indonesia.

They tell about the conditions affecting their village which is often flooded and air pollution caused by the behavior of the majority of people who are often disposing of rubbish carelessly, clogging drains and polluting the environment.

Most children and mothers in the area are experiencing health problems such as fever, cough, runny nose and diarrhea.

Renee Picasso Manopo, Consultant in Disaster Management and former Program manager for climate change at the Diakonie Katastropenhilfe – Indonesia talks about rubbish that is burned, a practice that is contributing to the increase of greenhouse gases that also triggers the global warming and climate change.

Pictures provided by: Noor Chasanah

JRKDem - GombrekFM
Bahasa |
December 6, 2015