How Indonesian fishermen are struggling due to extreme climate change


This segment of JRKDem features an interview with two fishermen in Kemantren village, Lamongan district, East Java. First, host Noor Chasanah talks with Mr. Soyin, a 63 year-old traditional fisherman. In order to meet the life needs of his family, he willingly braves the huge waves in the sea to catch fish. According to him, the current life of fishermen is much more difficult than in the past and this is due to climate change.

The second interview is with Mr. Ridwan, a modern fishermen who leads a large ship with a numerous team while looking for the fish in the sea. According to him, information about climate change and weather forecasts are not obtained directly from the government. With the uncertain climate conditions, his income as a fisherman has decreased drastically.

Photo provided by: Noor Chasanah

JRKDem - Samudra FM
Bahasa |
December 2, 2015