Discussing the effects of climate change on human life


According to the latest scientific research, increasing temperatures are an important effect of climate change. This is due to human activities such as the use of carbon fossils resources, oil, gas and an increased demand of water. In this audio of Radio Dange Nwe, the host discuss with an expert the following topics:

  • Overuse of energy source and water
  • Impact of the growth of population. Pollution, deforestation of green areas, increasing amounts of rubbish

If human beings are feel the effects of pollution and climate change, what can they do to reverse the damages?   The host and expert discuss the following:

  • Promoting and strengthening relations with environmental organization
  • How to decrease the amount of activities that are causing pollution
  • Help knowledge sharing by holding an environmental conference at the local and international level

To prevent people in Halabja to grow weary of the side effects of climate change on their life, the expert suggests that he NGOs of the district share a plan, a special campaign to raise awareness of the issues brought on by climate change. He also suggests increasing green areas and implementing a reforestation program.  

Photo provided by: Radio Dange Nwe

Radio Dange Nwe
Kurdish |
December 1, 2015