Tiunikirane (Enlightening the community), a radio drama


This radio drama produced by Mine James of Chanco Community Radio captures scenarios happening within the communities of Lake Chilwa basin concerning environmental degradation, overpopulation, and over dependency on environment.

Some of the topics include the impacts of the flooding on the livelihoods and health of the communities, particularly the damage to crops and consequent hunger. The actors also discuss some adaptation measures that these communities are seeking to use to build their resilience to climate change and natural disasters, for example Conservation Agriculture.

Among other activities the drama emphasises is reforestation, more especially of indigenous trees which have been depleted and most of which are believed to hold water tables in river banks.

Another component is the use of alternatives methods to avoid use of natural resources for example using brickets (made from recycled papers) for cooking stoves instead of firewood and use of cement bricks instead of using firewood to burn mud bricks for construction.

Chanco Community Radio
Chichewa and English |
November 30, 2015