Interview with Annie Pearl Avery, an active member in the Freedom Summer campaign of 1963 in Mississippi (voter registration)


Part of a serie of interviews done in November 2013 with women who were activists during the Civil Rights Movement in the American South in the 1960s. Realized by Rose Marie Whalley, host of Older women live on CKUT, and Edited and mixed in collaboration with Laura Yaros. 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of several crucial events in the struggle for civil rights for Afro Americans. Although the names of Martin Luther King and his colleagues are known to every child in North America, the names of women remain unknown. Who were some of these women and how did the struggle for justice shape their lives? The women at the center of this serie devoted their lives to the ongoing struggle for justice: their contribution deserves to be acknowledged. Life committment: Director of a slave museum in Selma, Alabama, she also took part in the famous march from Selma to Montgomery.

Radio Centre-Ville
English | 15:54 | 31Mb
March 10, 2014