Beyond IYFF 2014: Community radios for sustainable rural development and family farming

IFRC Communications

The project and its radio component aim at boosting the collaboration, in 24 countries, between National Committees for Family Farming and community radios, allowing the information about national policy processes to reach family farmers at very local levels. The initiative is co- financed by The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and implemented by a consortium composed by the World Rural Forum, FIDA MERCOSUR CLAEH, INADES FORMATION International and AMARC.

Songlines and Social Haunting

As part of a UK research project we are facilitating an international "conversation" organised by UK community broadcaster Max Munday, AMARC Europe, Sheffield Live! and a range of international community radio stations. The work starts from a radio documentary made by Max Munday from new research conducted with groups in former industrial communities in northern England with academics and artists at ESRI, Manchester Metropolitan University. The aim of the project is to understand how unresolved trouble (as well as possibilities) in the past, 'haunt' communities in the present. From those UK communities we hope to stimulate reflection on the research and its themes among listeners of radio stations internationally: Dzimwe (Malawi), Radio Student (Slovenia), Civil Radio (Hungary), and Anxeta Irratia (Basque Country).