AMARC in 2014 : between transformation and continuity

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) published its annual report this week. Reflecting on a year that has passed, this report showcases the activities pursued by the International secretariat and the regional offices. The media sector is in constant change and the community media sector is no exception. Between tradition and innovation, AMARC accompanied members and partners alike to better equip them to face the challenges ahead.

Communicators Convene in Chile to Define “Community Communication for the New Century”

From Tuesday May 26 to Thursday May 28, 2015, some 80 community radio communicators from indegenous communities in Chile, and international guests, joined with Chilean officials for an international seminar to address "Community Communication for the New Century". The gathering had a particular focus on the communication needs of indigenous communities.

AMARC brings together the voices of the community radio in Chile

From May 26 to May 28, the International Seminar: "Community communication for a new century" will host international guests and put an emphasis on the experiences of communication of indigenous peoples in Santiago de Chile. Organized by the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), this meeting aims to deepen the debate between the public and community sector on the role of social communication in Chile and worldwide, with a particular focus on the case of community radio of the indigenous peoples.