Pentingnya Memperjuangkan Kedaulatan Pangan Bagi Petani Dan Rakyat Indonesia (The importance of fighting for food sovereignty for farmers and Indonesian people)


This audio segment features an interview with Mrs. Dian Pratiwi Pribadi, the Chairman of KIBAR, an organisation working on issues such as agriculture and development of local seeds.

In her interview, Mrs Pratiwi Pribadi shares information about the importance of food sovereignty for farmers and communities in Indonesia. She also recounts her experience with KIBAR in the efforts to do sustainable farming and development of local seed as part of food security and ending hunger.

Furthermore, she talks about the difficulty to change the mind set and habits of farmers to use healthy farming practices that are friendly for the environment. She also shares informations about the role of the government in the support to achieve food sovereignty.

Photo: © Noor Chasanah, JRKDem

Grast FM - JRKDem
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August 3, 2016