Pinagpagan - Radio Sagada Women's Program


"Pinagpagan" is an Igorot or traditional woven cloth used as a child carrier called “eban”, a blanket or a “tapis” or skirt. It has many colors; red, green, yellow, black. It is sturdy and useful.  The program Pinagpagan is women's voices on different issues such as indigenous women concerns, LGBT rights, children rights, women rights in general and effects of various issues on women.

This segment of “Pinagpagan” focuses on violations of women rights as human rights violations. It walks through the experiences of local indigenous women during the dark years of Martial Rule and militarization of IP communities in the 1970s to mid 1980s.  It also depicts continuing women rights violations in the 2000s.  It also focuses on women liberation movements and their activities in order to end violence against women.

Photo: © Alex Indigo, Flickr

Radio Sagada
Kankanaey |
March 8, 2016