Deforestation and soils damage


The destruction of forests due to deforestation remains a threat in Indonesia. Data from the Ministry of Environment says that forest cover in Indonesia went from 49% in 2008 reduced to 48% in 2012, or suffer environmental degradation rate about 1.6% in the last 4 years.

The rate of deforestation in Indonesia, the greatest threat being contributed by industrial activities, especially the timber industry which is often do the illegal logging.

Deforestation has a significant impact for the communities and the natural environment in Indonesia. Logging activity which is not attentive to forest conservation has resulted in the decreasing of the environmental quality and an increase of the events of natural disasters, such as landslides and floods.

The removal of forests also causes the soils to be unprotected. They then are very susceptible to erosion or landslides. Along with the erosion, the soil nutrients, which are necessary for life - such as soil organic matter content – are being displaced by clay and leaching. Silting of water bodies, especially reservoirs will eventually affect the society especially the needs of clean water, irrigation water and energy from hydropower.

On this occasion, we present the results of an interview with Mr. Amien Widodo, a Lecturer in Engineering Geophysics in Technology Institute that was recorded on 10 November – Surabaya. He also serves as Chairman of the Center for the Study of Earth disasters and climate change.

An interview of Noor Chasanah

Pictures provided by Noor Chasanah

December 9, 2015