World Food Day 2015 - An international audio series

  • Food: are we what we eat?


    Healthy and unhealthy food. Vegetarian or meat. Organic or GMO. There are lots of debates about food recently. Everybody has its own lifestyle and habits of eating. Somebody is starving, trying to survive and somebody lives in abundance, throwing lots of eatable food. Toni Dimitrov of Radio Kanal 103 raises a question: where our food is coming from? Is it healthy? Is our soil clean? Should we treat the animals like we do just to fulfill our gastronomical wishes? If we again stand behind the Ludwig Feuerbach’s famous quote “We are what we eat”, than we can ask ourselves: Who we are today?

    Photo: © Prince Roy, Flickr

    Radio Kanal 103
    Macedonian |
    October 17, 2015

  • Agriculture and its role in decreasing poverty


    Qanie Muhesn, Engineer at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is a guest of Radio Dangi New in Halabja, Iraq. With host Rangin slam, they discusses the role of agriculture in the reduction of poverty.

    Radio Dangi Nwe
    Kurdish |
    October 16, 2015

  • The importance of agriculture and social protection in Uganda


    In this segment, Edwin Okurmu Kisa of Tiger FM explains what is social protection and talks about the importance of agriculture in the development of the country, its importance for the well being of the population.

    English |
    October 16, 2015

  • La protection sociale et la sécurité alimentaire en République Démocratique du Congo


    Régine Kasongo, journaliste à la Radio Communautaire du Kataga, reçoit le Révérend Pasteur Pierre Longo, président interprovincial de renforcement des capacités au cadre de concertation de la Société civile du Katanga et point focal du programme national de protection sociale. Ils discutent des mesures de protection sociale et de leur effet sur la sécurité alimentaire dans la province du Katanga, en République démocratique du Congo.

    RCK Lubumbashi
    République démocratique du Congo
    Français |
    October 16, 2015

  • Sokela – Discuter de nutrition à l’occasion de la Journée mondiale de l’alimentation


    220 enfants issus de familles défavorisées fréquentent la cantine de l’Oratorio Don Bosco située à Ivato, à Madagascar. Ils y trouvent chaque jour petit-déjeuner et déjeuner. Dans ce segment produit par Noelitiana Randriatsitohaina de la Radio Don Bosco, les enfants discutent de malnutrition, de besoins nutritionnels ainsi que des bienfaits que retire un élève bien nourri.

    Radio Don Bosco
    Malgache |
    October 16, 2015

  • Drought season has prolonged, food security must be secured


    In Indonesia, drought has an impact on the decline in agricultural production; in some areas many farmers have experienced crop failure. This year, a majority of farmers living in Ponorogo, East Java, have experienced a long dry season. This has resulted into higher costs of productivity. JRKDem in collaboration with Community Radio Cahaya FM Ponorogo present a discussion with Arianto, one of the farmers living in Carangrejo Sampung on the occasion of World Food Day 2015.

    Photo : © JRKDem

    Bahasa |
    October 16, 2015

  • The impact of poor government funding on irrigation farming


    80 percent of Malawi’s population, which is now at about 15 million, depends on agriculture. Most of these farmers use the method of rainy (rainfed) agriculture rather than irrigation farming. With the effects of climate change in the country, the rainy farming now regularly experiences the impact of climate change such as dry spell, flood and harsh weather that resulted to low or no yields. In this program, producer Tony Gonani of Dzimwe Community Radio focuses on the importance of climate change adaptation in Malawi.

    Dzimwe Community Radio
    Chichewa |
    October 16, 2015