Votes for Women! Den Frauen das Stimmrecht!


This 60 minutes production features an interview with a Viennese historian an expert on the right to vote, Mrs. Bader-Zaar, about the historical struggle for Women's right to vote. The regional focus will be Austria and Great Britain. The interview also focuses on the film "Suffragette" (UK, 2015) about the British Suffragettes' Movement.

Topics covered in the interview are:
- What are the reactions of a historian to the movie "Suffragette"? What is well displayed and what can be criticised from an expert's point of view?
- Which groups were there to support and fight for the women's right to vote, in Great Britain and in Austria?
- Who opposed the right to vote for Women and why?
- What were the paralleles and the differences between the British and the Austrian movement?
- What was the international dimension of the Women's right to vote movement?

Produced by: Christa Edlmayr, Radio FRO

Radio FRO
German |
March 8, 2016