Women's role in Community Radio


One of the media which can be used by women to voice their aspirations and their rights is community radio. Various issues and women's problems can be openly discussed using local language, which is familiar and can be understood by whole communities.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, host Noor Chasanah interviews three women who work in community radios in Indonesia: Anny Hidayati is a reporter in community radio Cahaya FM, Ponorogo; Mrs. Ester is a treasurer and announcer at commuity radio Surya FM, Batu; Sukma Mulyati is one of the founders of community radio Surya FM, she is now manager of the station.

They discuss their experiences and  what community radio has brought to them and what community radio can bring to all women.

Produced by: Noor Chasanah, JRKDem

Photo: © Noor Chasanah


JRKDem - Surya FM
Bahasa |
March 8, 2016