La guerra di Erdogan contro le donne curde (Erdogan's war against Kurdish women)


Interview with Leyia, Rojda, Parwin, three Kurdish women belonging to the Women's department in Sur (historical center of Amed/Dyarbakir, capital of Kurdistan). This area is, since the llth of December 2015, under a 24-hour curfew and it became since then an open-air prison.

The interviewees tell how, in the war against the Kurdish population, the Turkish government has decided to target above all women, because of their ability of resistance and for their revolutionary contribution, a support for all the community.

Among them, female journalists and especially the Jihna press agency. These women involved in media are suffering repression, being controlled and detained.

The interview is proposed by the feminist and lesbian group Martedì autogestito da femministe e lesbiche working within Radio Onda Rossa, which is itself a self-assessment of Women’s right to express and to have their voice in media (and specifically in community media), working on it since 1995.

Photo: © Radio Onda Rossa

Radio Onda Rossa
Italian |
March 8, 2016