Silha, Stephen – The Puckish Whimsical Life of James Broughton


The puckishly whimsical life and times of poet and film maker James Broughton is the topic of this edition of Radio Curious in a visit with Stephen Silha, the producer and director of “Big Joy,” a biographical film of the life and times of James Broughton.    Broughton believed that in order to live an authentic life we each should follow our own weird. He says: “I don’t know what the left is doing said the right hand. But it looks fascinating.” And: “I may be infecting the whole body said the Head but they’ll never amputate me.” Big Joy” will be shown at the Mendocino Film Festival, Saturday, May 31, at 5:30 p.m.   Stephen Silha and I visited by phone from his home near Seattle, Washington on Mother’s Day, 2014.  He began our conversation by telling us what drew him to make a film about his friend James Broughton.   

Radio Curious
English | 29:01 | 28Mb
May 19, 2014