Towards COP21: Broadcasting the voices of the communities - An international audio series

  • Face aux changements climatiques en République démocratique du Congo


    Ce segment radiophonique produit par Régine Kasongo de la Radio communautaire du Katanga fait état de la vulnérabilité des paysans face aux changements climatiques et des mesures d’atténuation utilisées afin d’en contrer les effets. Experts et paysans interviennent afin de dresser le portrait de la situation.

    Photo fournie par: Régine Kasongo

    Radio communautaire du Katanga
    République démocratique du Congo
    Français |
    December 4, 2015

  • How Indonesian fishermen are struggling due to extreme climate change


    This segment of JRKDem features an interview with two fishermen in Kemantren village, Lamongan district, East Java. First, host Noor Chasanah talks with Mr. Soyin, a 63 year-old traditional fisherman. In order to meet the life needs of his family, he willingly braves the huge waves in the sea to catch fish. According to him, the current life of fishermen is much more difficult than in the past and this is due to climate change.

    The second interview is with Mr. Ridwan, a modern fishermen who leads a large ship with a numerous team while looking for the fish in the sea. According to him, information about climate change and weather forecasts are not obtained directly from the government. With the uncertain climate conditions, his income as a fisherman has decreased drastically.

    Photo provided by: Noor Chasanah

    JRKDem - Samudra FM
    Bahasa |
    December 2, 2015

  • Discussing the effects of climate change on human life


    According to the latest scientific research, increasing temperatures are an important effect of climate change. This is due to human activities such as the use of carbon fossils resources, oil, gas and an increased demand of water. In this audio of Radio Dange Nwe, the host discuss with an expert the following topics:

    • Overuse of energy source and water
    • Impact of the growth of population. Pollution, deforestation of green areas, increasing amounts of rubbish

    If human beings are feel the effects of pollution and climate change, what can they do to reverse the damages?   The host and expert discuss the following:

    • Promoting and strengthening relations with environmental organization
    • How to decrease the amount of activities that are causing pollution
    • Help knowledge sharing by holding an environmental conference at the local and international level

    To prevent people in Halabja to grow weary of the side effects of climate change on their life, the expert suggests that he NGOs of the district share a plan, a special campaign to raise awareness of the issues brought on by climate change. He also suggests increasing green areas and implementing a reforestation program.  

    Photo provided by: Radio Dange Nwe

    Radio Dange Nwe
    Kurdish |
    December 1, 2015

  • Tiunikirane (Enlightening the community), a radio drama


    This radio drama produced by Mine James of Chanco Community Radio captures scenarios happening within the communities of Lake Chilwa basin concerning environmental degradation, overpopulation, and over dependency on environment.

    Some of the topics include the impacts of the flooding on the livelihoods and health of the communities, particularly the damage to crops and consequent hunger. The actors also discuss some adaptation measures that these communities are seeking to use to build their resilience to climate change and natural disasters, for example Conservation Agriculture.

    Among other activities the drama emphasises is reforestation, more especially of indigenous trees which have been depleted and most of which are believed to hold water tables in river banks.

    Another component is the use of alternatives methods to avoid use of natural resources for example using brickets (made from recycled papers) for cooking stoves instead of firewood and use of cement bricks instead of using firewood to burn mud bricks for construction.

    Chanco Community Radio
    Chichewa and English |
    November 30, 2015

  • COP21: un nuevo reto para las comunidades rurales y el movimiento social ante el cambio climático


    La crisis climática global, ya es mas latente entre los ciudadanos, dejándolos de ser observadores ha afectados directos por sus consecuencias, producto de un mal desarrollo que ha generado alteraciones a los ciclos biológicos y clima. Ya se ha manifestado que no es combatir el clima sino el sistema político y económico que ha producido una mal formación al desarrollo humano, mercantilizando los bienes naturales y vitales para la vida, y estos ha su vez víctima de lo que genera el procesamiento de productos que a través del marketing promueven el consumo irresponsable, la acumulación de capitales en manos de pocos y una desigualdad por doquier. Una reportaje de Radio Temblor.

    Photo: Radio Temblor

    Radio Temblor
    Español |
    November 26, 2015